Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chocolate or Vanilla? Choose....

Chocolate or Vanilla? Choose... is what a leader in the Landmark Education seminar said to me...this idea...radical and with me here a bit...I invite you to open your eyes and your heart....

Chocolate or Vanilla? Choose...she says
I say Chocolate...she says why? Because I like Chocolate.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Choose...she says again
I say Chocolate...she says why? Because I like Chocolate (did you not hear me the first She says those are reasons.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Choose...but this time she is only holding Chocolate...I say Chocolate...she says why? Because its the only one...(where is this going) She says reasons....again.  Are you trackin' with me here?

Chocolate or Vanilla? Choose...she says again
hmmmmm.....I say.... Chocolate...she says why? Because I want Chocolate...she says...OK now we are getting somewhere...

Chocolate or Vanilla? Choose...
I say Chocolate...she says why? Because I CHOOSE Chocolate...BAM!!  There it is!!

Here is the  BIG IDEA.  We as humans...are taught to make well informed decisions yes?...think about go for your first job interview and at that time you actually had a couple to pick you get out your pen and piece of paper and write down all the pros on one side of the paper and all the cons down the other side of the paper on of each job offer and you MAKE A DECISION based on all your REASONS why you should take that job, right? ...big difference from choice...but we will get back to that in a moment.

So you start your job...the one you decided on because you like the people, they seemed friendly, the work schedule seemed flexible and the pay seemed competitive.  Three months into this realize these people are not who they seemed, you're working 60 hours a week and at this point it doesn't matter how much you are less than enthusiastic about your DECISION!!  How many of you can relate?

Here is the big idea...CHOOSE YOUR JOB.  Like take it...own it.

New example...2-2 1/2 years ago we just got the Nintendo Wii...and our Wii came with this balance board.  So we get all excited and set up our Miis...I am sure you know what I am talking about here... you pick out a shirt, hair, gender...tell it your height and then go step on this balance board to weigh in...and based on your specifications the game creates this image of you in seconds and declares your current state of health...I will never forget that day...I step on this thing and before my eyes was this 4 inches tall by 4 inches WIDE mini (or should I say not so mini) me right before my eyes...and this thing deems me OBESE!!  I gasped...

I was like wow...I didn't really realize I never considered myself with that label...but right there before my eyes in full blown HD TV...OBESE

In that moment I CHOSE OBESE.  I am sure you are like you what?!! Think about it...I did not sit down with a piece of paper and jot down the pros and cons of obesity...and said yeah...I'll take that...HELL NO!!!  But the sum of my CHOICES got me there.

So here is the beauty in this chocolate or vanilla choose THAT moment that obese was blasting across my tv...I CHOSE OBESE...(chocolate, right??).what begins to open that EXACT moment I can CHOOSE HEALTH (vanilla, cool huh??)..WHY? because I can!!! But if you don't OWN take responsibility for it...CLAIM IT you will NEVER do anything about will never do anything that is not consistent with your thinking.

This is YOUR LIFE get to CHOOSE how its going to go...Get it? Choose it...

So let's take it up a notch...this leader asking me to choose chocolate or vanilla shares with us...SHE CHOOSES CANCER.  I was like what??!! Why would you do that?  

Here is the big idea...they just found out her husband has leukemia...this is marathon runner, athlete, powerhouse, got it....and she is choosing cancer??!!  

Help me out they didn't have a choice in this matter right? Like handed to them....this is so profound...when they CHOOSE cancer...the power resides in their hands....they get to say how its going to go...they NOW TAKE CANCER ON!  Like kick the stinking pants off cancer and get back to normal now, yes??!!

What's the alternative...well they flap around in the wind of uncertainty...they get sucked into the world of I don't know how its going to go...they get depressed, helpless, and hopeless, yes?...and they pull everyone around them into that world...can you see that?  Choose it!!

Final example...This concept is so simple yet so we had my daughter's friend over this weekend...but right before I got to her house to pick her up...another friend of hers told her dad she wanted to play.  Well my daughter's friend's dad didn't know we had already made plans to come get her that morning.  So if you can walks in the door saying hey your friend down the street wants to play with you but low and behold we pull in the driveway about the same time, give the horn a honk and her parents send  her out. 

So my daughter's little friend gets in the car and I can tell she's like crabby...this is a little person...5 years old...they really don't know what crabby is yet but I could tell she was confronted.  So she informs us I have to get home early so I can go to so and so's house...and I said really? Do you just want to stay here and play with her...and she says no...I want to go with you guys. 

Well once we get home the mood really doesn't change...and trust me this behavior really wasn't I say to this little person....honey do you want to be HERE (chocolate) or go home and play with your other friend (vanilla) is totally cool with us what you want to do, right? We love you and want you here but if your mind is somewhere else...we can take you there...right??!!  She is like no...I choose here (chocolate)...I say cool..then that means you play joyfully, with love and friendship from now choose HERE and really your actions all stem from that choice....AND SHE DID!! 

Now the rest of the day these girls had a blast!! But this little person was torn...where she was and where she thought she might like to be...but when she CHOSE...a whole new realm of joy and fun and playfulness rose to the surface!! It was amazingly powerful awesome great afternoon for these best little friends!!!

How many times have you been torn between where you were and where you wanted to be or thought you wanted to be?  How was your behavior? What was the impact you left others with?  Would you like the outcome to be different next time? Now you can...CHOOSE!!

So others in class began to share...
I choose my credit score
I choose my boss
I choose being single
I choose my marriage
I choose a child with Asperger's

Truly profound!

What area of your life is important to you?  Take a look...CHOSE IT & change your predictable future to one of extraordinary results!!!!

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B the Light!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is in your Grinch Sack?

October 2007 I got real clear...I was living life with a big ol' sack o' crap swung over my shoulder...and it was doing me no good! 

What do I mean by this?  When I was roughly 15, my mom lost her job and my dad left us in the same month...those are the facts right?  But WHAT DID I DO?  I made it MEAN I'm not good enough, men are going to leave me, there is nothing safe or stable in my life...are you trackin' with me?  And then what?  I stuffed it in a sack and swung it over my shoulder and kept on truckin' through life...right? 

We as humans...this is what we do!! Oh things are FINE...the past is the past....blah blah blah. behavior, my actions, my way of being GOT ALTERED.

So me and this altered way of being entered into a few more "relationships" that end in dismal failure and then I say  See? See? Look... there's confirmation of all that crap in my sack!!  And my behavior, my actions, my way of being got altered some more.  Again and again and again...

Then... Tada....I enter into a marriage. 

You know what I am talking about, right?  This is hilarious to me now but so true...but I invite you to take a look at your own life... what keep showing up for you?  What are the patterns running in your life?  What is in your Grinch Sack that you have swung over your shoulder that is draggin' you down??!! Like you are tip toeing around, hunched over and this Grinch's stealing your's robbing you of life, vitality, SELF, happiness, success...and so much more...Can you see it?

Now we as humans don't do this intentionally of course...but when we don't look at our life or go to work on an area that is important to us...we just are NOT PRESENT to the IMPACT of our DRAMATICALLY ALTERS THE FUTURE WE ARE LIVING INTO

Make sense?  Yeah...and your past is going to keep showing up unless you go to work on it....THEN what is possible? ANYTHING!!!  Like you get to be YOU and not the sum of the crap in your sack...EXTRAORDINARY. Yes??!! 

Is your big ol Grinch Sack keeping you from the life you have always wanted?  Does it keep you playing small?  Are you living your life, marriage, relationships, or even your job...with one foot out the door?  Are you behaving in a way that really leaves them no option but to leave or fire you?

Use your power hour today to really look at your life and just notice the difference between the something happened.... and the STORY WE MADE UP about what happened.  And DO NOT make yourself wrong about the story...just go...OH...I made that up...look at that...and begin to watch your Grinch Sack evaporate!!

Take on being COURAGEOUS today and look inside your big will begin to see patterns... When you begin to see patterns, you can begin to make better choices. With better choices you will get extraordinary results! 

Don't know what the power hour is?  Check out Can you REALLY have it all?

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B the Light!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project B the going to join the movement?

How is B the Light going to make a measureable difference in the world for 2012? 

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What can you do about this? 
Take a STAND with the B the Light community in 2012. 
Donate NOW.

Help the B the Light Community shine like never before!! Be remembered, make a mark, and really...take that leap from where you are today to where you want to be at the end of 2012!

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884 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. This is roughly one in eight of the world’s population. (WHO-UNICEF)
1.8 million children die every year as a result of diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation. This amounts to around 5000 deaths a day. (UNDP)
• LWI projects providing safe water and hygiene education at an average cost of twenty dollars per person, for a generation. (LWI)
• The simple act of washing hands with soap and clean water can reduce diarrheal diseases by over 40%. (UNICEF)
• Providing water and hygiene education reduces the number of deaths caused by diarrhoeal diseases by an average of 65%. (WHO)
• Water-related disease is the second biggest killer of children worldwide, after acute respiratory infections like tuberculosis. (UNDP)
• The weight of water that women in Africa and Asia carry on their heads is commonly 40 pounds, the same as the average airport luggage allowance. (UNDP)
• Water and sanitation infrastructure helps people take the first essential step out of the cycle of poverty and disease.

• At any given time, half the population of the developing world is suffering from one or more of the main diseases associated with inadequate provision of water and sanitation. (UNDP)
• At any one time, half of the developing world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from water-related diseases. (UN)
• Around 90% of incidences of water-related diseases are due to unsafe water supply, sanitation and hygiene and is mostly concentrated on children in developing countries. (WHO)
Intestinal worms infect about 10% of the population of the developing world. Intestinal parasitic infections can lead to malnutrition, anaemia and stunted growth. (WHO)

The average North American uses 400 liters a day. European uses 200 liters. (UNDP)
• The average person in the developing world uses 10 liters of water every day for their drinking, washing and cooking. (Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC))
• On current trends over the next 20 years humans will use 40% more water than they do now. (UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
• Agriculture accounts for over 80% of the world’s water consumption. (UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related diseases. (UNDP)
11% more girls attend school when sanitation is available. (DFID)
40 billion working hours are spent carrying water each year in Africa. (Cosgrove and Rijsberman 1998)
• Households in rural Africa spend an average of 26% of their time fetching water, and it is generally women who are burdened with the task. (DFID)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What are you going to leave behind when you are GONE?

First of all I have to acknowledge you and humbly thank you for reading, sharing, liking and tweeting about this blog.  WE are creating a COMMUNITY, committed to GREATNESS... right here and right now!  And who you have been being...truly is extraordinary!!

You say really??!!  YES!!  We are just a little over a month in the making with only 9 posts and you have helped over 600 visitors and 3 countries being impacted by what we are creating here. Lives are touched, moved and inspired because you took action, and shared, the quality of lives ARE being impacted!!  Thank you for Being the Light

It truly is the greatness in you that has you B the EXTRAORDINARY-U!!

So what I am present to is the amazing Grace of the universe.  Why?  There was a calling on my heart to create this blog and share inspiring messages for a long time.  6 weeks ago I enrolled myself in a seminar with Landmark Education and out of that this blog was born!! So this weeks' focus in the seminar was to distinguish Making a Difference...can you say WOW??!!

So what defines Making a Difference anyway?

Landmark defines Making a Difference as this:

1.  Start with a Commitment.
What are you committed to? What STAND are you WILLING to take IN SUCH A WAY that has others take a stand in their own life??!!  Powerful yes?
We talked a bit about commitments in the last post around the area of work.  I truly believe we have different commitments in different areas of our lives.  Our commitments are the foundation of our thinking.  You will never do anything that is not in alignment with your thinking. 

Change your thinking... alters your behavior... which transforms your future!! 

So I have created a global view.... I am committed to being the light in every area of my life.  I really stand for YOUR PAST DOES NOT DEFINE YOU OR YOUR FUTURE!  Like today... in this moment... you can create new... It is your daily choices that can create a NEW future for you to live into.  Who doesn't want that??!! 

2.  Create Possibility.

What does this mean?  Creating possibility is when you share with others what you are committed to and really...people around you CANNOT be resigned!!  Like they get off sitting on their hands, raise their hands and say YES!!

So the possibility I created for this community is you are touched, moved, and inspired in an area of your life that matters to you.

So what shows up? My coworker is like...hey...I have never ran or worked out before but I have seen your transformation over the last 2 years...and if you can do it...I wanna do it...will you help me??!! How honored was I in that moment??!! 

So I said what are you committed to?  She says getting to the gym 3 times a week and I want to do it before work.  I said ok...what would your life begin to look like if you did that? How would you begin to feel? Who would you get to be that you NEVER get to be?  She shared with me she would have more energy, and feel accomplished.  She would be excited to do something for herself to start her day off then the rest of her day can be devoted to family and work.  And who does she never get to be...SEXY!! I don't think this 31 year old ever thought of herself as sexy...NOW SHE CAN!!  We ordered her a bikini for summer and she is already planning a vacation where she can show it off!!!  What is the obvious action she takes after creating this possibility of being sexy??!! She gets up and gets to the gym 3 times a week AND she really reports to me what is she gets to be held accountable!  EXTRAORDINARY!! 

3. Take Action

So you have identified what you are committed to, you created possibility by sharing with others and now you got to TAKE ACTION around your commitments.
What does my coworker do?  She gets her butt out of bed and gets to the gym!! 

What did I do? Using my global commitment of Being the Light as the example...I created this blog and just my everyday WAY OF BEING is one of hope, motivation, inspiration & direction for anyone and everyone I meet. 

Yeah!!  For example, I'm out running today with my dog and the postman, which I have had a few short conversations with before, stops me...we chat. I ask him about his running...I am in action... about what he said he was committed to  that I learned about in earlier conversations...and that was his health and running. He was creating the possibility of VITALITY.  So I get to hold a space open for him and pull him forward into his future of health and vitality just by asking him...hey how is your running going??!! Are you trackin' with me??!!  Like we get to see people with a new set of goggles on!!  Cool, huh?

4. Impacting the Quality of Life

Impacting the quality of other peoples lives is the forth and essential ingredient to truly Making a Difference.  Are you leaving people better than you found them? Are you leaving this world better than you found it?

So when we were going through these elements that really define Making a Difference....I was like yes check, yes check, yes check...but when we got to this one I was like...pause yeah I think so....  I truly believe I am impacting the quality of people's lives here...but we need measurable results.  I want to RAISE THE BAR!

So I challenge you...what are you going to leave behind when you are gone?  What is your footprint on this great nation?  What difference are you making in the world and in the lives of others? How many will be at your funeral to celebrate your life because you impacted theirs?

If you are already up to great things...extraordinary...SHARE WITH US BELOW! 

If you are not...Join US!!  I am launching a project THIS weekend where WE as COMMUNITY... COMMITTED to GREATNESS can create POSSIBILITY, take ACTION, and IMPACT THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF OTHERS with measurable results!! 

Let's be ROCK STARS in Making a Difference!!  Share this with everyone you know as they will want to join us too!!  We cannot do it alone...its gonna take something....and I know THIS is the community to MAKE IT HAPPEN!! 

Get back here next week and help the B the Light Community shine like never before!!  Be remembered, make a mark, and really...take that leap from where you are today to where you want to be at the end of 2012!

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If this moved you to action today...SHARE BELOW...your story may inspire someone else and change their life!!

B the Light!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Can you REALLY have it ALL?

Can you REALLY have it ALL? Can you have work life balance?  Can you take on a 5k, spend more quality time with your family and get promoted?  This is a great question posed by one of my readers and I think it is one that plagues so many of us.  I will respectfully propose to you... ABSOLUTELY!! 

What is "work life balance" anyway? 

Work Life Balance is really a balance between PERFORMANCE and PLEASURE

I go to work on this DAILY. It really is daily choices over time and practice to get it right....but once you have this AHA moment (thank you Oprah) feels SO good and you are like...I did it!  I rocked this day! I have it ALL and I figure out the DANCE between performance and pleasure. WOOT WOOT!!


4 simple and essential steps to get EXTRAORDINARY-U to work life balance:


How do I know this?  I have experienced this in my own life!  2 years ago, I couldn't run a city block, rapidly approaching 200 pounds, my job in jeopardy, my marriage on the rocks, my mothering...well what example was I REALLY setting? 

Now I am running marathons, lost almost 50 pounds, getting raises, reconciling relationships,..I am doing things I have never done before, really don't know how to do technically but I am pushing myself bigger than I ever knew possible.

HOW??!! Because I took on my health!! Robin Sharma will say, "You can't do good unless you feel good."   Your PERFORMANCE at work is ENHANCED.  You are more EFFICIENT and JOYFUL.  And then at the end of the day you still have the ENERGY to play with your kids or go visit your parents, cook a healthy meal, or take on a new adventure.  My husband lost 25 pounds just because I was cooking differently and we were making different choices. 



What is this?  So many of us are like...well I wanna take on my health and I wanna lose 15 pounds but I just don't have the time!! (as we stop our foot) 

You want work life balance? SET YOUR ALARM FOR 5AM!! It may be the most powerful thing you do all year.  What is the big idea here? You get up just 1 hour before the rest of the household and take that hour for YOU. 

Do you realize if you get up just 1 hour earlier each day at the end of the week you would have 7 extra hours...that's almost a full work day!  At the end of the month you would have almost 30 extra hours!! At the end of the year you would actually have gained 365 hours or 15.2 DAYS...that's over 2 weeks!!  In 10 years...3,610 hours or 150 days!! DO YOU GET THAT??!! You have the knowledge and power to gain almost a HALF A YEAR to your life!! WOW that's a BIG IDEA!! What are you going to do with it??!!

Take this hour as your POWER HOUR!! Go to the gym, yoga, meditate, journal, blog, or just sit and BE, envision your dreams, plan your day, and drink your coffee. When you take this hour for begin to know yourself...and when you begin to know can begin to make better choices....with better choices you will get better results.

How do I know this? My alarm goes off at 4:30 am, I lace up my shoes and bust a run in.  I come back and meditate (something new I am taking on), hit the showers and rock out my day!  I FOUND this IT TAKES SOMETHING to have this take this will open up new possibilities in your life you NEVER thought possible!!


So we all have things we are committed to in different areas of our this blog...I am committed to being the light, inspiring and motivating with posts a minimum of 2 times a week...right?  So I just told you that and you can hold me to that :)

Let's take that to the work life balance dance floor....  What are you really committed to in that area of your life?

Well, what I did was literally took out a piece of paper and around the area of work life balance (with really work in mind) I answered the question.  Here was the list I came up with:

I am committed to:
  • My if I say I going to do something...I do it
  • Quality work
  • Our shareholders
  • Deadlines
  • Being a team you need me...I am there
  • Respect and honoring my leaders
  • Having a LIFE that works
I took my list and had a meeting with my manager...(btw...your list is no good if you don't let others in on what you are up to and what you are creating) and I said...look I am committed to these things, like this is who I AM.  Now my manager KNOWS what I am committed to and really can hold me accountable for these commitments. POWERFUL, yes??!! 

This is where the balance comes INSIDE my commitments... I am committed to having A LIFE THAT WORKS....and a life that works for me means being there at special moments of my daughter's life (this is just one example so you get the point). So I ask for an adjustment to my schedule to be able to attend my daughter's holiday parties at school. She has 3 a year, they are 1 hour long, 1:30pm - 2:30pm and it is IMPORTANT to me that I attend these. I want to know my daughter's world, ya know??!!

So when these holiday parties came managers and I created a plan around my schedule that works! Each time maybe alittle different depending on the timing of the year and the flow of work. But we got it...a beautiful dance to the melody of work life work gets a POWERFUL, COMMITTED, DEDICATED ME and I get this amazing moment in my daughter's life where I can meet her friends and really see who she is in her world...all in the same day!

So what are you committed to? Communicate that and begin to unlock that area of your life that is important to you!


Schedule everything!!! What gets scheduled gets done...that's a big idea! 

You have a meeting at get an accept the invite...and you show up at the meeting right? Easy. Same make a doctor or hair put it on your arrive on site on the day of your appointment at the appropriate time. No brainer...yes?

Back on the work life balance dance floor....So now you take on this new adventure of your health...schedule it! 5k training runs...schedule it!! Church...schedule it! Sexy adventures...schedule it! The power hour...schedule it!! Sleep...sometimes I have to schedule it!!!  What gets scheduled gets done!!

I am sure you are like really??!! YES REALLY!! Your calendar is the perfect picture (its proof) of what you are committed too...whoa!  What do I mean here?  Ok...I live and breathe by Google Calender...if you are not familiar with is an amazingly powerful tool...I have a calender set up for my daughter (blue), husband (red), family (orange) work(purple), me (green), personal development (dark green), my business (bright green), birthdays, etc etc....and each one is assigned  a different color.  I can view my calenders layered on each other or alone.  You can access via the web or my phone, set alarms, pop ups etc.  At one glance, in vivid color...I can see my day...


So if you are striving for work life balance...your calender should look like a rainbow...filled with a BALANCE between PERFORMANCE & PLEASURE!!

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B the Light!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What if... today was your last day?

What if you woke up this morning knowing TODAY WAS YOUR LAST DAY?  Would it alter the way you behaved or reacted? 

Would you be a more kind, grateful, or patient? Give longer hugs? Smile at a stranger? Call your parents? Forgive someone? Have a wild sexy adventure with your partner? Go home from work on time? Sit down at the table for dinner with your family and talk? Would you pray? Go for a run? Climb a mountain?

I would like to think...if we just had one day... we would stop and do ABSOLUTELY everything we could in those last moments to REALLY make an IMPACT with our families, our friends, our loved let them know we loved them. 

After that we might get a little adventurous and jump out of a plane or something...but you get the picture.

Here's the big's YOUR get to say how it goes!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!!You have the power to create a life that matters...RIGHT NOW...whether that's a stay-at-home mom or a CEO of a multi billion dollar corporation...WHO YOU ARE...MATTERS!!

B THE LIGHT!! Catch on fire!!

Let me really drive this point home because it's January 3rd and I promised my readers 2012 was going to look radically different for them!! So... I have read and reread The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin this totally comes from that Guru...but are literally in the grave yard...its just about are digging your own grave....and you stumble upon this massive stone tablet.  You struggle, dig it up, and dust it off to read THE 10 HUMAN you begin to read aloud...


1.      You reach your last day with the brilliant song that your life was meant to sing still silent within you.

2.      You reach your last day without ever having experienced the natural power that inhabits you to do great work and achieve great things.

3.      You reach your last day realizing that you never inspired anyone else by the example that you set.

4.      You reach your last day full of pain at the realization that you never took any bold risks and so you never received any bright rewards.

5.      You reach your last day understanding that you missed the opportunity to catch a glimpse of mastery because you bought into the lie that you had to resign to mediocrity.

6.      You reach your last day and feel heartbroken that you never learned the skill of transforming adversity into victory and lead into gold.

7.      You reach your last day regretting that you forgot that work is about being radically helpful to others rather than being helpful to only yourself.

8.      You reach your last day with the awareness that you ended up living the life that society trained you to want versus leading the life you truly wanted to have.

9.      You reach your last day and awaken to the fact you never realized your absolute best nor touched the special genius that you were build to become.

10.  You reached your last day and discover you could have been a leader and left this world so much  better than you found it.  But you refused to accept that mission because you were just too scared.  And so you failed.  And wasted a life.

So you look up and say..NO!! Now what, you ask?  KEEP DIGGING!! You pick up that heavy shovel.  The sun is starting to peak out from the clouds and you hear a loud "clink."  You look down to discover yet another massive tablet...but this one is was shinning a you dig faster til you can pull out this golden tablet.  Engraved on the top read THE 10 HUMAN you begin to read aloud again...


1.      You reach your end full of happiness and fulfillment on realizing that you are all used up-having spent the fullness of your talents, the biggest of your resources, and the best of your potential doing great work and leading a rare-air life.

2.      You reach your end knowing that you played at a standard of concentrated excellence and held yourself to the most impeccable of standards in each thing that you did.

3.      You reach your end in noisy celebration for having the boldness of spirit to have regularly confronted your largest fears and realized your highest visions

4.      You reach your end and recognize that you became the person who built people up versus one who tore people down.

5.      You reach your end with the understanding that while your journey may have not always been a smooth one, whenever you got knocked down you instantly got back up – and at all times, never suffered from any loss of optimism.

6.      You reach your end and bask in the staggering glory of your phenomenal achievements along with the rich value you have contributed to the lives of the people you were lucky to serve.

7.      You reach your end and adore the strong, ethical, inspirational, and empathetic person you grew into.

8.      You reached your end and realized that you were a genuine innovator who blazed new trails instead of following old roads.

9.      You reach your end surrounded with teammates who call you a rock star, customers who say you’re a hero, and loved ones who call you a legend.

10.  You reach your end as a true Leader Without a Title, knowing that the great deeds you will endure long after your death and that your life stands as a model of possibility.
Powerful, YES?  You have many more days ahead...Which tablet or tombstone do you want to be holding?  Be mindful, be courageous & B the Light!

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Have you been asleep at the cookie jar?

Happy New Year!!  Welcome to 2012!! 

I have a confession...I have been asleep at the cookie jar for 10 days!!

What does that mean?  Well I am committed to my health & leadership, motivation & inspiration, right??!! But my ACTIONS have not been in alignment with my WORD & my COMMITMENT.  I have been out of integrity...WOW!  That's ugly place to be.

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you...ok...

And what has the impact of THAT been on your life? ...well... I feel like a frumpy dumpy, eating everything in site, if I did go for a run...its has been a pitiful performance from my poor food choices, tired, lazy, blah... I haven't been blogging & my light has not been shining.  Whew...glad I got that all what's next?!!??

TAKE ACTION....restore integrity!!  BAM...there it is! 

Today is a new day...a new beginning...join me in a grand adventure for the next year.  I promise you when you get to the end of 2012 it will dramatically look different than your 2011!! Do you get that...if you keep doing what you been are going to get what you been getting??!! But you have a choice to draw a line in the sand and choose a new path...right here, right now!  What do you want to create?

Robin Sharma says, "Before you can ever change your life, you must change yourself.  Success on the outside begins within.  You cannot do good unless you feel good."

Identify your weakness and TAKE IT ON in 2012. What are YOU COMMITTED to?

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Post what you are you are going to take on in 2012 below. Be courageous!! Let this community ENCOURAGE you & hold you ACCOUNTABLE...this is an essential key to your success!!  Then post this on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator or somewhere where you will be reminded daily or even hourly...your commitment.  This will remind you to HONOR your word and ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL!!

If you like what you read and it makes a difference for you...let me know!   Its still a baby blog but we are now in 3 countries...this community is making an impact in the WORLD!!

B the Light!