Friday, May 11, 2012

Ever Got Ski Lessons??!!

WOW...I have missed you!! Have you ever gone get get all suited up and you are lookin' good.  Like you look so feel like a pro right??!!  Then you take a couple runs down the greens to get warmed up.  Next you venture over to the blues for a run or two....and then you decide to get some lessons, right?

So you got a full day of lessons...lessons rocked, you are so jacked love skiing, you are so happy to be here, this is everything you have ever wanted...and now its day 2 of a 7 day ski trip...and you are on you instructor...just all that shit in your head about how to hold the poles, where to put your weight, which way to lean, and what do you do???? 

You ski like crap!!! 

Those of you who have done this know the ridiculous truth!! You had been a pretty good skier, you actually PAY to get better and you end up falling on your face buried in the snow!! Some of you may have hit a tree or ran over a person or two!!??!! 

Why? Because you have new information to process & practice until the results show up one day...and it really does show up in a split get it and everything you learned clicks...its magic, right??!!!  Yeah!!

So that's where I have been...out on the double black diamond moguls of life with a bad back, broken arm, injured knee and a patch over one eye...sliping and sliding all over the place!! LOL  ;) 

oh know.....they say that it is only in the depths of the valley that one can see the mountain's great height...

So I am starting to settle in to the groove right??!! ...Look Out!!

Committed to Being the Light...set a Blaze!