Monday, March 12, 2012

Who Are You Swimming With?

How is your environment affecting your life?  What do I mean by that? 

So I have been on a 2 year journey radically altering my weight with yoga, Pilate's, and running and running and running and running. 50 pounds of weightless, I am proud of my accomplishments, right??!! But it was a focused effort, commitment, intentional plan right??!!! YES!!

But what happens to my husband??!! He goes and looses 25 pounds...
Did he join a gym? NO!!
Did he go for a run? NEVER!!
Did he jump on some fad diet? HELL NO!! 
Then how the heck did that little snot do it :) 

His ENVIRONMENT was pulling for WELLNESS.  Just by living in the same house...his life...his health got radically altered.  Woweza!!   It was a NATURAL progression for him...smaller portions, less bread and POOF!! His environment says I love myself and my body and health is the foundation to ALL THINGS.  So he naturally looked at what he was doing for himself and his health.  HE took on a few small daily changes that over time added up to EXTRAORDINARY results.  

Instead of a big heaping bowl of ice cream, have it in a small coffee mug.
Instead of a chocolate bar, have a banana with Hersey syrup drops across the top.
Instead of a bun, have a naked burger.
Instead of soda every day, have one a week. 
Instead of stuffing yourself miserable, save it for lunch tomorrow.

So I ask you...what is YOUR environment pulling for?  Are you bellying up to the bar or heading to the park, playing golf, biking, or walking?  What about your friends...are they pulling for your greatness or cutting you down every chance they get?  Are they patting you on the back saying...its ok you failed....or are they saying "Pull your Big Girl Panties up and go for it AGAIN!!??."  Does your boss lift you up or tear you down?  Are you watching scandalous, affair filled, murderous, brain sucking TV or are you reading a book or blog that will change your life for the good? Are you speaking life and love into your children or disappointment and despair? 

Here is what I know for sure...we were all born with a LIMITLESS amount of power within us.  YOU WERE BORN TO SUCCEED in EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE!! 

You were born to be happy, healthy, purposeful and wealthy. 

If you are NOT succeeding in every area of your life...TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR ENVIRONMENT

Who are you swimming with?  The sharks that are going to eat your life up and spit you out or the Olympic athlete who strives for excellence, full of passion and purpose, showing you the way? What are you surrounding your precious brain and vital body with? 

Take a look at what is working and not working for you and your life?  Make a list.  And for might be really stinking long...mine was...its OK!! And for some maybe its just one thing.  Begin to alter your environment.  HOW?  Find someone doing or having what you want and seek them out. 

I have a friend, she wanted to get in a bikini by summer...what does she do?  She hunts me down!  She altered her environment...then what happens...she goes and finds other friends that are running and says hey lets meet at the park for a group run, right??!! YEAH!!! 

I have another friend, hating her job, depressed, losing her mind...what does she do? Hunts me down! She altered her environment...when that happens...she is vivacious, full of life and energy, rockin her world and taking on new challenges she never thought possible!!!

Your life, health, self will only be as good as you believe it be and as your environment that surrounds you IS.  Seek a leader, friend, mentor, coach that is not afraid to shoot it to you straight. Don't know of one??!!! HUNT ME DOWN!!  YOU WERE BORN FOR GREATNESS! We can begin a conversation to make a real difference in what you are dealing with and what you really care about and in the process, leave you transformed with more power, freedom, full self-expression, and peace of mind.  Come swim with me!

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