Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is in your Grinch Sack?

October 2007 I got real clear...I was living life with a big ol' sack o' crap swung over my shoulder...and it was doing me no good! 

What do I mean by this?  When I was roughly 15, my mom lost her job and my dad left us in the same month...those are the facts right?  But WHAT DID I DO?  I made it MEAN something...like I'm not good enough, men are going to leave me, there is nothing safe or stable in my life...are you trackin' with me?  And then what?  I stuffed it in a sack and swung it over my shoulder and kept on truckin' through life...right? 

We as humans...this is what we do!! Oh things are FINE...the past is the past....blah blah blah. NO...my behavior, my actions, my way of being GOT ALTERED.

So me and this altered way of being entered into a few more "relationships" that end in dismal failure and then I say  See? See? Look... there's confirmation of all that crap in my sack!!  And my behavior, my actions, my way of being got altered some more.  Again and again and again...

Then... Tada....I enter into a marriage. 

You know what I am talking about, right?  This is hilarious to me now but so true...but I invite you to take a look at your own life... what keep showing up for you?  What are the patterns running in your life?  What is in your Grinch Sack that you have swung over your shoulder that is draggin' you down??!! Like you are tip toeing around, hunched over and this Grinch Sack...it's stealing your identity...it's robbing you of life, vitality, SELF, happiness, success...and so much more...Can you see it?

Now we as humans don't do this intentionally of course...but when we don't look at our life or go to work on an area that is important to us...we just are NOT PRESENT to the IMPACT of our past...it DRAMATICALLY ALTERS THE FUTURE WE ARE LIVING INTO

Make sense?  Yeah...and your past is going to keep showing up unless you go to work on it....THEN what is possible? ANYTHING!!!  Like you get to be YOU and not the sum of the crap in your sack...EXTRAORDINARY. Yes??!! 

Is your big ol Grinch Sack keeping you from the life you have always wanted?  Does it keep you playing small?  Are you living your life, marriage, relationships, or even your job...with one foot out the door?  Are you behaving in a way that really leaves them no option but to leave or fire you?

Use your power hour today to really look at your life and just notice the difference between the facts...like something happened.... and the STORY WE MADE UP about what happened.  And DO NOT make yourself wrong about the story...just go...OH...I made that up...look at that...and begin to watch your Grinch Sack evaporate!!

Take on being COURAGEOUS today and look inside your big sack...you will begin to see patterns... When you begin to see patterns, you can begin to make better choices. With better choices you will get extraordinary results! 

Don't know what the power hour is?  Check out Can you REALLY have it all?

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