Sunday, January 1, 2012

Have you been asleep at the cookie jar?

Happy New Year!!  Welcome to 2012!! 

I have a confession...I have been asleep at the cookie jar for 10 days!!

What does that mean?  Well I am committed to my health & leadership, motivation & inspiration, right??!! But my ACTIONS have not been in alignment with my WORD & my COMMITMENT.  I have been out of integrity...WOW!  That's ugly place to be.

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you...ok...

And what has the impact of THAT been on your life? ...well... I feel like a frumpy dumpy, eating everything in site, if I did go for a run...its has been a pitiful performance from my poor food choices, tired, lazy, blah... I haven't been blogging & my light has not been shining.  Whew...glad I got that all what's next?!!??

TAKE ACTION....restore integrity!!  BAM...there it is! 

Today is a new day...a new beginning...join me in a grand adventure for the next year.  I promise you when you get to the end of 2012 it will dramatically look different than your 2011!! Do you get that...if you keep doing what you been are going to get what you been getting??!! But you have a choice to draw a line in the sand and choose a new path...right here, right now!  What do you want to create?

Robin Sharma says, "Before you can ever change your life, you must change yourself.  Success on the outside begins within.  You cannot do good unless you feel good."

Identify your weakness and TAKE IT ON in 2012. What are YOU COMMITTED to?

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Post what you are you are going to take on in 2012 below. Be courageous!! Let this community ENCOURAGE you & hold you ACCOUNTABLE...this is an essential key to your success!!  Then post this on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator or somewhere where you will be reminded daily or even hourly...your commitment.  This will remind you to HONOR your word and ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL!!

If you like what you read and it makes a difference for you...let me know!   Its still a baby blog but we are now in 3 countries...this community is making an impact in the WORLD!!

B the Light!

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  1. My goals for 2012:
    Train for and run a 5k
    Spend more time with my folks
    Get promoted???? Not sure I really want this since I still want my work/life balance. Can i really have both?
    Happy to say that I don't want to lose weight, but want improve my health.