Saturday, January 14, 2012

What are you going to leave behind when you are GONE?

First of all I have to acknowledge you and humbly thank you for reading, sharing, liking and tweeting about this blog.  WE are creating a COMMUNITY, committed to GREATNESS... right here and right now!  And who you have been being...truly is extraordinary!!

You say really??!!  YES!!  We are just a little over a month in the making with only 9 posts and you have helped over 600 visitors and 3 countries being impacted by what we are creating here. Lives are touched, moved and inspired because you took action, and shared, the quality of lives ARE being impacted!!  Thank you for Being the Light

It truly is the greatness in you that has you B the EXTRAORDINARY-U!!

So what I am present to is the amazing Grace of the universe.  Why?  There was a calling on my heart to create this blog and share inspiring messages for a long time.  6 weeks ago I enrolled myself in a seminar with Landmark Education and out of that this blog was born!! So this weeks' focus in the seminar was to distinguish Making a Difference...can you say WOW??!!

So what defines Making a Difference anyway?

Landmark defines Making a Difference as this:

1.  Start with a Commitment.
What are you committed to? What STAND are you WILLING to take IN SUCH A WAY that has others take a stand in their own life??!!  Powerful yes?
We talked a bit about commitments in the last post around the area of work.  I truly believe we have different commitments in different areas of our lives.  Our commitments are the foundation of our thinking.  You will never do anything that is not in alignment with your thinking. 

Change your thinking... alters your behavior... which transforms your future!! 

So I have created a global view.... I am committed to being the light in every area of my life.  I really stand for YOUR PAST DOES NOT DEFINE YOU OR YOUR FUTURE!  Like today... in this moment... you can create new... It is your daily choices that can create a NEW future for you to live into.  Who doesn't want that??!! 

2.  Create Possibility.

What does this mean?  Creating possibility is when you share with others what you are committed to and really...people around you CANNOT be resigned!!  Like they get off sitting on their hands, raise their hands and say YES!!

So the possibility I created for this community is you are touched, moved, and inspired in an area of your life that matters to you.

So what shows up? My coworker is like...hey...I have never ran or worked out before but I have seen your transformation over the last 2 years...and if you can do it...I wanna do it...will you help me??!! How honored was I in that moment??!! 

So I said what are you committed to?  She says getting to the gym 3 times a week and I want to do it before work.  I said ok...what would your life begin to look like if you did that? How would you begin to feel? Who would you get to be that you NEVER get to be?  She shared with me she would have more energy, and feel accomplished.  She would be excited to do something for herself to start her day off then the rest of her day can be devoted to family and work.  And who does she never get to be...SEXY!! I don't think this 31 year old ever thought of herself as sexy...NOW SHE CAN!!  We ordered her a bikini for summer and she is already planning a vacation where she can show it off!!!  What is the obvious action she takes after creating this possibility of being sexy??!! She gets up and gets to the gym 3 times a week AND she really reports to me what is she gets to be held accountable!  EXTRAORDINARY!! 

3. Take Action

So you have identified what you are committed to, you created possibility by sharing with others and now you got to TAKE ACTION around your commitments.
What does my coworker do?  She gets her butt out of bed and gets to the gym!! 

What did I do? Using my global commitment of Being the Light as the example...I created this blog and just my everyday WAY OF BEING is one of hope, motivation, inspiration & direction for anyone and everyone I meet. 

Yeah!!  For example, I'm out running today with my dog and the postman, which I have had a few short conversations with before, stops me...we chat. I ask him about his running...I am in action... about what he said he was committed to  that I learned about in earlier conversations...and that was his health and running. He was creating the possibility of VITALITY.  So I get to hold a space open for him and pull him forward into his future of health and vitality just by asking him...hey how is your running going??!! Are you trackin' with me??!!  Like we get to see people with a new set of goggles on!!  Cool, huh?

4. Impacting the Quality of Life

Impacting the quality of other peoples lives is the forth and essential ingredient to truly Making a Difference.  Are you leaving people better than you found them? Are you leaving this world better than you found it?

So when we were going through these elements that really define Making a Difference....I was like yes check, yes check, yes check...but when we got to this one I was like...pause yeah I think so....  I truly believe I am impacting the quality of people's lives here...but we need measurable results.  I want to RAISE THE BAR!

So I challenge you...what are you going to leave behind when you are gone?  What is your footprint on this great nation?  What difference are you making in the world and in the lives of others? How many will be at your funeral to celebrate your life because you impacted theirs?

If you are already up to great things...extraordinary...SHARE WITH US BELOW! 

If you are not...Join US!!  I am launching a project THIS weekend where WE as COMMUNITY... COMMITTED to GREATNESS can create POSSIBILITY, take ACTION, and IMPACT THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF OTHERS with measurable results!! 

Let's be ROCK STARS in Making a Difference!!  Share this with everyone you know as they will want to join us too!!  We cannot do it alone...its gonna take something....and I know THIS is the community to MAKE IT HAPPEN!! 

Get back here next week and help the B the Light Community shine like never before!!  Be remembered, make a mark, and really...take that leap from where you are today to where you want to be at the end of 2012!

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B the Light!!

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