Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Train your Brain...the Rest Will Follow...

I have learned to do some pretty radical things along the journey to get to where I am today so I want to share with you the most profound... Train your Brain and the Rest will Follow.

British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said it so well when he observed, "You will never go higher than your thinking."

Here is the BIG IDEA...Our thoughts shape our reality.  Our thinking forms our world.  What we focus on expands. And what we dwell on determines our destiny. 

Its so funny to me things align up in our lives.  I have a little ipod suffle...its one of the originals but is near to my heart...It's engraved... "Overcome your greatest weakness."  I laugh now  because I think...who knew I had so many weaknesses to overcome? Additionally who knew the journey would begin with me out there pounding the pavement with that little ipod shuffle....crazy God is so Great stuff there!!!

So the "story" that has ran my life is...I'm not good enough. Now I did some work to come to know and see this... I will share in future posts...its truly  profound.  But if I'm not good enough is driving this body...what is going to show up in my life?  A whole big pile of POO right??!!  I'm gonna start packing the weight on, lead my marriage down a path of destruction....he's gonna leave anyway right...because I'm not good enough, etc etc.  You trackin with me?

And then I wake up one day and say...ok... I am sick and tired of being worthless, fat, tired and I try a diet right or start a workout routine...that's what we do...and it works for a week or two...and then what happens? the wheels fall off the bus and I have gained 7 more pounds...WHY? 

Because left to its own demise...I'm not good enough is running the show and anything that gets int he way of that...the machine = brain...will SHUT IT DOWN!! Why? Survival.  Keep trackin with me here...The story I'm not good enough was made up when I needed to SURVIVE something.  Shit happens in life we got to get through.  When we get through it...the brain says YEAH and locks in this story...cuz IT WORKED, it kept the body safe  Survival...this untrained brain certainly does not serve fact most often it stops us...blocks us from thriving in life.

See weight for me was pain. Layers of fat...coats of pain. I eat when I'm stressed, upset, worried, got it emotional eater at your service.  Maybe you can relate? Why do we eat? Fill a satisfied by something...because we are not being satisfied by whatever is going on in front of us...its a ugly reality want a break through in life...come face to face with your ugliest realities...and find freedom on the other side!!  Join me!

See when I'm fat you won't want to be around me...further validating I'm not good enough.  But even physically... you can't get close to me...keeping me safe...can you see the power of the brain and its wicked ways?

So how do you break free? Train the brain and the rest will follow....

Robin Sharma taught me the power of Mantras and things have never been the same!! Mantras are nothing more than positive, inspiring words or phrases designed to break limiting or self-sabotaging thinking patterns we run through our heads on a consistent basis.

In Sanscrit man means "mind" and tra means "freeing" so mantra literally means "freeing of your mind" and this is precisely what it does.  Extraordinary, yes?

So now when I go running I chant to myself..."I am a pain free elite athlete".

When I start my day "I am unreasonable and unstoppable"

When I am on my way home to see my daughter "I am a patient loving mother"

When I am hunting down my husband for some TLC "I'm sexy and I know it" (LOL)

And you keep saying it over and over and over....

These empowering phrases will sink deeply into your subconscious mind once you start flooding your consciousness with positive influences.  Negative thinking patterns which have been holding you back will be replaced by the positive.

Take 5 mins to create a series of personal mantras that will inspire you to attain personal, professional and spiritual success.

Are you Stressed Out? Low on Energy? Struggle with Losing Weight? Difficulty Sleeping? Find it hard to Concentrate or Listen?  ADD, Addictions, Depression, Alzheimer's?  Check this out...begin to choose your Life today!! 

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B the Light!

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