Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who Will Cry When You Die?

I usually post by it is Thursday and I find myself struggling to get words on paper.  I am committed to being the light and I find the flame dim this week.  I pray that you find inspiration and take action in your own life with what I have to share.

This week I am present to Who Will Cry When You Die? Morbid yes...but let me paint this picture for you.   My grandmother died at 89 years old with no will,  5 funeral attendees and less in assets than what it would take a family of 4 to go to a Blues Hockey game. 

With that... we can walk away with 2 big ideas:

1.  Do you have your paperwork taken care of...will or trust?
2.  How many lives will you impact in your lifetime? 

Get your paperwork taken care of

What is in the mind of an 89 year old person who has survived 3 types of cancer, lung replacement, mastectomy, and a gamut of other health die without a will?  Did she think she didn't have enough to matter? Did she think if she didn't have a will she wouldn't die?  Death is inevitable, folks.   You may not have much or you may have millions...but if you don't designate where things are to go you are leaving that up to our court system and a trail of destruction for your loved ones. 

I spent 6 hours in court on Tuesday watching my mother melt away in tears of hurt and anger as we were forced to testify before a probate judge...Happy Valentine's day to us!!!   My grandmother borrowed a significant amount of money over 5 year period to help supplement her expenses.  We were told by my grandmother, it was in writing, that the means of repayment was upon death out of the sale of her condo, her only asset.  Of which was worth 1/3 of what my grandparents originally paid for it.

No will, no writing...repayment of this loan in the hands of a judge...and what's left after that....peanuts.  89 years of life of nothing and a trail of destruction for your loved ones.

Why do I share this intimate conversation with you?  Because this ordeal with my grandma it gave me the courage to ask my dad...hey do you have your shit in writing so I don't have to go through this with you...and guess what? He doesn't either. 

Maybe its just my family...ask your parents...get a copy and get your will done too right??!!  Yeah...its an uncomfortable conversation...but is so important.  Peace of mind and power can me found in the courage to take this on!!

My husband and I will have ours done by the end of have my word.

How many lives are you impacting in your lifetime?

I think I am most impacted by this question this week.  Who will cry when you die?  Will the funeral home be busting at the seams with people coming to pay respect, give thanks and share the stories about how YOU impacted thier life?  I would like to think if you are reading this you are one of the great ones out to make a difference.  It takes something to BE that.  What legacy will you leave behind for your kids and grandkids?  What will they remember you for?  Who are they because you helped them find their light?

Take 10 minutes right now and look into your life and your actions...will you be the 89 year old with no will, 5 funeral attendees and enough in assets to cover a night at a hockey game?  What actions can you take today to begin to create a life bigger than you know yourself to be?

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