Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Can You Possibly See?

Are you ready for the BIG KAHUNA? Fasten your seat belts for this wicked ride!!  This idea is RADICALLY transformational, can be applied to EVERY area of your life, and is the key to an EXTRAORDINARY-U!!  Thank you Landmark Education!!

Is it possible our whole life is DRIVEN by the VIEW behind OUR CURRENT SET OF GOGGLES?

What do I mean by that?  What is possible or not possible for you comes from the CONTEXT from which you are living.

What's context? The dictionary defines context as the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, etc.

Let me be clear ALREADY have a context for each and every area of your life...whether you know it or not...your body, health, relationships, your job, money, family, friends, anything...everything...

Where do these contexts come from...SHIT HAPPENS... and we as humans make something up about what happened....from that... a context is formed in our mind...we put on a pair of goggles that ALTERS the view of reality...and then we go out and try to live life!!

What shows up?

CONTEXT DECIDES.  There are things you cannot see or hear inside of your context.  And its these things that you cannot see or hear that LIMIT YOU from living an extraordinary life...having it all or maybe anything at and playing full out... 

Want to know the key to access to a new set of goggles??!!
  1. Distinguish the context you are already in....identify it...I will give you some examples in a moment.  But when you distinguish the context you are living... in a particular area of your disappears it!! 
  2. Practice CREATING a context that GIVES you LIFE
Simple and profound.  But when you get this big idea...when you know will never be the same because you now have ACCESS to transform each and every area of your life that is important to you.  Yes it takes some practice as the old context will try to creep in from time to time...that's why you are plugged in here...a community committed to greatness...we can remind try on a new pair of goggles...and see what you might see...

Let's play with this a bit so you get what I am talking about take a peek into your life...take a look at what is the context from which you are living?

When I did this I saw for myself...I'm not good enough and I have to work hard.  So if I am walking around with the goggles of I'm not good enough and I have to work hard....what shows up?

Let me REALLY wrap your brain around the ideas of possible and not possible here...I want this to be so clear when you take it back to your life....

So when you think of possible or not possible think of yellow and blue...What's possible? Light, dark, tracking with me? yeah...

What's NOT possible? Red right...inside the context of yellow and will never get (see or hear) red....clear??!!

Ok back to life...So if I am walking around with the goggles of I'm not good enough and I have to work hard...

What's possible (yellow and blue)?  Failure, exhaustion, no satisfaction, undeserving, losing, divorce, obesity, never realizing my greatest potential, never making a difference

What's NOT possible (red)?  Success, accomplishment, love, being loved, wining, ease, joy, making a difference, being valued, self worth, fun, abundance

Can you begin to see it?  So I got my goggles on of I'm not good enough and I have to work hard...and I am beating my self up trying to win the game of life that is NOT even possible from the context that I am living.  Someone says...I love you...I don't hear it.  Someone says awesome job on that project...I don't hear it, feel it, receive it.  Someone says you look amazing...I don't believe it.  Are you beginning to get the big idea here? 

What else happens...I play small. Why? I'm not good enough and I am sick and tired of working HARD.  But is that reality? NO that's the story I made up because of junk in my truck (my past).

What can you begin to see in your own life?  What is the context in which you have been living?  This may feel like a splash in the face for some...its ok...really...its just the human machine!!

And these contexts are a familiar strings that runs through our lives I didn't make this up last get that? I can look down memory lane and see I'm not good enough and I have to work hard all over the place....its ugly...and we get stopped based on a historical conversation.

So what do we do about it?  1.  Distinguish it....go oh...there it is...and the goggles fall off.  And what are you left with?  A BLANK CANVAS FROM WHICH TO DESIGN YOUR LIFE!! 2.  Create new!! Its your life you get to SAY...your actions will be a direct result from the CONTEXT FROM WHICH YOU

Let's create a new context....This body is the vehicle for the rest of my life that's going to go out into the world and accomplish what there is to accomplish.  PUT THE GOGGLES ON...

What's possible (yellow and blue)? health, vitality, joy, youth into my 90s, success, action, kicking the pants out of cancer, running your first race, love, sex, intimacy, self satisfaction

What's NOT possible (red)?

So what is beginning to open up for you here? What do you see possible? What context have you been living from?  What context do you want to take on?

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