Thursday, April 5, 2012

Got Caught Looking Good!!

Good morning Extraordinary-U!!

I need to restore integrity with you....I communicated to you I would post once a week and it is now 3 weeks since my last blog.  The impact of that on you is you were left wondering what's going on with where have I been, will I be back?  I left you hangin'.  You have my apologies and a commitment that if I cannot write a full blown blog once a week I will communicate that to you and not leave you!! Great!

Just to get complete around this...yes I was rocked with a sinus mucus monster that left me completely whipped out and uninspired to empower you. I really do write this stuff and if it is not completely coming from my heart I can't write it...I am a stand that you are left touched, moved and inspired in an area of life that is important to you...and I will have those days...or weeks in this case where I just ain't got it :) Its called Human Being!!

I am back with a vengeance!! So be totally prepared to be rocked!!

So lets take a look at what is Integrity?  Imagine that...that I would start with that :)

Integrity is as simple as doing what we say we are going to do....right??!! Can you think of a recent time when you said you would do something and didn't?  What was the impact on you?  What can you put in place next time so you can honor your word?!?

Just last week...I was on a call with leader in the community communicating to her some concerns I had about what had happened at our last meeting and she says to me...Call so and so and get clear on X....and what happens...I say YES just so I LOOK GOOD and avoid looking BAD.  But I KNEW when I said yes I had absolutely NO intentions on calling who she wanted me to call to get clarification around X. In fact in my was like I gave her the flying finger!! Yeah!! Like I thought she was telling me to do that to get off my little I gave her the (mental) flying finger and didn't call who I said I would call.  Bam!! I'll show you (stomping my foot) can you see it?!! LOL right!! Can you relate??!

Then I GOT the impact of not being in integrity...It was an AHA moment (thank you Oprah) is like tiny pieces start to chip off of me.  Like I begin to walk around with tiny holes...till there is more and more and more!!

When I was made aware of that impact..I started to look at my life and that situation...what did I start to do or not do? Like I was out to prove or disprove this phenomenon....  You know what I was doing...I started to avoid eye contact with the person whom I was complaining about.  And then I noticed I was not as open or free with the person I was supposed to have called to get clear with.  And the person who I said yes to but really intended no...there was this big heavy burden that came over me....Now get that these are people that I see at least 2 times a this behavior I was starting to develop out of not being in integrity was just ugly and greatly affected the quality of our work!!

So what is there to do from there...restore integrity, right? How do you do declare it and acknowledge the impact it had on others and communicate the actions to be taken to avoid this happening again! Awesome yes??!! There is a whole new relationship to my word now.

So I went up to the person I was gripping about and said hey I need to restore integrity with you.  I had some bad thoughts about this and that and that is just NOT who I am. The impact of that is I started avoiding you, you don't even know these conversations were going on but it was affecting my relationship with you. Then I went up to the person I was supposed to call...said hey I need to restore integrity with you....I was supposed to call you for some coaching in this area and I didn't.... The impact is I missed out on an opportunity to get clear about X.  When can we schedule that?   And then with the person I said yes to...I need to restore integrity with you...I said I would call so and so and didn't.  The impact was I was completely out of integrity and didn't do what I said I would do. 

So over the next week I just kept cleaning up and cleaning up integrity everywhere in my life.  Even if you thought oh I will do that and didn't ...I cleaned it up.  What was I left with after all that was this freedom...freedom of shame of all the would a, could a, should a's!! 

Robin Sharma says Integrity is all about wholeness.  Make sure that you consistently do what your conscience tells you is correct in not just one department, but in all departments of your life.  the different areas of your life are like rivers flowing together to form an ocean.  The emotional influences the physical and together they influence the social and together these affect the spiritual elements of your world.  Neglecting any department of your life this means relationship neglect or physical neglect or spiritual neglect, profoundly touches all of the other areas.

So I challenge you....Where do you need to restore integrity? Where have you said you would do something and didn't?  Pick up the that person and make a difference for thier listening of you and in who you are for others!!! 

Yah that's one of the totally cool things...people start to rely on you as your WORD!! 

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