Sunday, December 18, 2011

Want to ELIMINATE your DEBT without increasing your income?

War on Debt??!!! Back by popular demand & SPECIAL request...just in time for the Christmas aftermath...I have applied this in my own life and have made a 180 degrees change in our finances.

This formula came from a friend and mentor of mine...she is a multi millionaire 10x over, Dani Johnson.  If you want to be a need to hang with and DO what millionaires DO.  When you are a milionaire you can challenge this method...until then...just do it!

So I love my it goes...

I made the numbers up but you can get the idea (obviously it works better with real data)… the example is with an average monthly income of $5000, most people can find 10% fat in there monthly spending to cut out…so that is the $500.

Next, list out your debt and the minimum payment. Then divide the minimum payment by total debt; this will give you number of payments. Sort table by number of payments…lowest to highest. Apply the $500 fat (that you are going to cut out) and apply it to the payment with the lowest number of payments….its all about speed…don’t get wrapped up in interest rates etc…. this will give you a new lower # of payments. Once you have the debt paid off with the lowest number of payments you take that whole “new payment” and apply it to one with the next lowest number of payments and so on.

How do you cut the fat? Brew your own coffee, bag lunch, shop Shop n Save or Aldis vs Dierbergs or Schnucks, drop land line, eat out once a month versus every week, clip coupons, cook meals that can be frozen and reheated later... you get the idea :)

So what is the impact on your life?  Well in the example above...this person gets to be debt free in less than 10 years, mortgage and all.  CAN YOU IMAGINE? Had you ever thought it was even possible? 

Debt is slavery.  It shackles you to stress and depression.  More marriages end in divorce over money everyday.  And its generational...the money behavior and thinking.  Working 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet, maybe bankruptcy, thoughts of scarcity playing out in your life every where.  I challenge you...STAND IN THE GAP.  You can break generational poverty if you so choose!!  

Open the mail (right...cuz some of us don't), apply it to the spreadsheet freedom from slavery...AND TAKE ACTION!

What kind of opportunities does this open up for you and your family?  Does it change your perspective on sure did mine!?!

B the Light!

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