Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How can you be UNREASONABLE today?

What do I mean by that...well we all have these reasons to DO or NOT DO something in an area of our life that is important to us.  I mean they are all valid good reasons of course....they just don't serve us :)

For instance Wednesday I had all these reasons not to run that morning...it's like 30 degrees, it's snowing, I went to bed way too late, my pjs are warm...get it?  Reasons...

But if you can set those reasons aside just for a moment...be UNREASONABLE...you can have access to something truely extraordinary...things begin to open up for you.  So I went running anyway and I got access to a whole new view on my day!! I get to be energetic, fulfilled, and grateful!!

So then what happens on Thursday?  I had all these reasons not to have this "really need to have" conversation with my husband...like what if he doesn't listen, what if I blow up, what if he chooses that instead of me...get it? Reasons...

So I set them aside...I was totally UNREASONABLE...and had a conversation with my husband that had NEVER been had before in 10 years of marriage, especially in this way!! I got to be ME!!  Full of love and respect with authenticity...."hey this doesn't work for me...this isn't what we said we were committed to."  WOW...talk about having access to something truly extraordinary!! Now my husband and I have the freedom of discussion around our word and what we are committed to!! How extraordinary is that??!!

SO ...I CHALLENGE YOU...How can you be Unreasonable today?

Maybe you start your New Year's resolution today, or turn off the tv and play a game with your kids, or have a sexy adventure with the love of your life or have THAT conversation with a family member/friend that has been on your mind holding you back...BE UNREASONABLE TODAY!!

And then come back and share with others so they can be inspired! B the light!

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