Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Extraordinary-U?

The reality is this...I am no different than you...and...if I can do it...YOU TOTALLY CAN!!  I applaud you for being HERE in this moment.  The mere fact you are still reading this, tells me something about you.  You have an eager want for something totally radical in your life!!  YOU HAVE COURAGE!! 

This is me 2009... I was on the fast path of debt, divorce & self destruction. The bills were piling up, I was living my marriage with one foot out the door and maxing out at 183 pounds. 

In 2 years I have lost almost 50 pounds, became a marathon runner, transformed my relationship with my AMAZING man and set a path to financial freedom and now leading others to do the same.

I am committed to encouraging & inspiring you to take action in an area of your life that is important to YOU.   

We were all born with these amazing gifts of talent. But along the way, life took its tole on us...and we forgot who we are. We buried our talent.  And how does that show up for you? 

Think about does that show up for you in your life? Maybe its an extra 50 pounds, careless spending, working a job you hate, sick & tired all the time, no sex, kids running a muck, no love, no respect, no hope and no joy. 

And can you get that if you keep doing what you been doing... you are going to get what you been getting and that would be FINE?  Like are fine right where you are..."oh that's just the way it is" kind of thinking....but if you are still desire the Extraordinary-U!! 

Join the Sexy Readers club.  Get powerful, practical, tools to transform your life to unleash the ROCKSTAR in you!!

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  1. You have always been an inspiration and looked great to me, even in this picture. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog. I just started a very committed workout plan last month and it is going well, hopefully you can keep me on it! Also looking forward to any finance tips you may have!